The Bridges of Abraham

Esther (aka Abraham Hicks) said it before. I heared it a thousand times. Still I can’t learn it without the experience: If the difference between where I am and where I want to be is small enough, the change happens effortlessly; If the difference is big enough, it can never happen.

That is, until I make it small enough again. Because the difference between both sides of the river – quasi the width of the river – is subjective. It is relative to what I perceive is different. If I want to be rich and try to get there by starting to resist doing a low-paid job, I might fall into the abyss of dissonance and land in a never-ending doubt of what I should do. Because nothing feels like it could take me where I want to go – how could it? I am too far away from the other side.

So if I can accept that the possibilities that are in my reach are the only ones I have from here, then I fully accept the place where I stand. And then I can move. And after movement the place where I stand will not be the same anymore. Movement is possible, when there is no resistance.
That is damn hard if I can already imagine how it would be on the other side… it feels like betraying my own dream. Taking that damn job feels so humiliating and humble.

Dear Gods of Movement, For the Sake of Thy Contentment I Shall Cease to Resist and Accept the Place Where I Stand and Move to Places I Feel Enabled to Reach – in Trust that just Enough Baby-Elephants Shall eventually Make up one Big Elephant. The Elephant of My Dreams.