The biggest trauma of them all

It’s the fear that somebody would leave. In fact I dare to say that the reason for any kind of inauthenticity is the thought that being authentic would make people turn their back on you. … → Weiterlesen

The Bridges of Abraham

Esther (aka Abraham Hicks) said it before. I heared it a thousand times. Still, I can’t learn it without the experience: If the difference between where I am and where I want to be is … → Weiterlesen

Work-Life-Bla and the ambivalence of frustration

I cannot judge by the feeling of sadness. Throughout the day, sitting in the studio in half-darkness and clicking, in knowledge of the sunny weather outside, feels grotesque and painful. It feels the same way … → Weiterlesen

Der Konkurrenz voraus

Konkurrenz, lat. concurrere «miteinander rennen» meint das Natur-Phänomen, in dem sich Organismen wechselseitig beeinträchtigen, weil sie dieselbe begrenzte Ressource nutzen. Logisch – bei unbegrenzten Ressourcen gibt es kein Rennen. Das Synonym Rivalität kommt von lat. … → Weiterlesen

The pain of indecision

So I need money. So I walk around for days and then weeks resisting the idea that I might have to apply for a job. Part of me is thinking that taking a job is … → Weiterlesen


I’ve heard it a lot: make mistakes, fail forward, experiment… I’ve tried to nail the idea of “failing is OK” into my head. Now I tried to stop eating sugar and found myself smashing Easter-chocolate … → Weiterlesen

Finally becoming goal-oriented

Goal-oriented doesn’t mean goal-driven. I am realizing that I had a belief about being goal-oriented: I thought that it means that goals are the only things that matter and that there are two types of … → Weiterlesen