Finally becoming goal-oriented

Goal-oriented doesn’t mean goal-driven. I am realizing that I had a belief about being goal-oriented: I thought that it means that goals are the only things that matter and that there are two types of people: the goal-oriented careerists and the openhearted intuitives. And now here I am, after having worked for years to open my heart to the world, to learn to feel, to learn to trust my intuition and to learn to be in the state of flow, one with the world – and I still have goals! Whenever I sit down and ask myself the question “what do I wanna do?” I undeniably get answers. I want to play an awesome concert in June, I want to build my brand as soon as possible so that people have an easy access to my creative world, I want to own land someday, I want to retire financially by the age of forty etc. There are needs and “why’s” and stories attached to those wants and sometimes these ideas are just flings that pass by quickly, but some of them remain until I’ve taken the responsibility to make those dreams reality.

So after being patient this whole winter to breed and chew that question “what do I wanna do?” over and over, I feel a bit disoriented. I mean, the spring is here! The bees are collecting nectar, the birds are singing bla bla bla and I am still breeding? I don’t know yet what my next project really is and where I am moving this year and whether I will do that sound engineering training and whatnot. You know what? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Maybe spring is not about having solved the questions of winter, but rather having clear questions at first.

Et voilà, dear friends, the times of waking up and wondering what I am gonna do are over. I’m quitting the race of the worrying kind. I’m not the disoriented anymore. I am committing today to this:

  1. I admit that I do have goals.
  2. I write my goals down, no matter how (un)sure I am of them and no matter if they are not all on the same time-scale and no matter how many they might be.
  3. I use my intuition to prioritize them, to pick the strongest ones, those that feel the most urgent.
  4. I orient my daily what-I’m-gonna-do-todays by reviewing those goals. Ha!

Goodbye disoriented-but-intuitive and Hello goal-oriented-intuitive <3