The Bridges of Abraham

Esther (aka Abraham Hicks) said it before. I heared it a thousand times. Still, I can’t learn it without the experience: If the difference between where I am and where I want to be is small enough, the change happens effortlessly; If the difference is big enough, it can never happen.

That is, until I make it small enough again. Because the difference between both sides of the river – quasi the width of the river – is subjective. It is relative to what I perceive is different. If I want to be rich and try to get there by building up resistance to working a low-paid job, I am destined to fall into the abyss of cognitive dissonance and land in a never-ending spiral of doubt about what I should do. Because nothing feels like it could take me to the place, where I want to go – how could it? I am too far away from the other side.

So if I manage to accept that the possibilities that are in my reach are the only ones I have, then I fully acknowledge the place where I stand. And now I can move from here. And the minute I’ve taken the first move, the place where I stand will not be the same anymore. Movement is only possible, when there is no resistance. Which is challenging if I am already holding the vision of how it would be on the other side… It seems like betraying my own dream! And yet it is the only thing I can do to move towards it. Taking that damn day job feels humiliating, humbling and actually grounding.

Incantation: Dear Gods of Movement, For the Sake of Thy Contentment I Shall Cease to Resist and Accept the Place Where I Stand and Move to Places I Feel Enabled to Reach – in Trust that just Enough Tiny Baby Elephants Shall eventually Make up One Big Elephant. The Elephant of My Dreams.